About us


We are proud to be a food product manufacturer, and we highly appreciate the fact that we work first of all for regular people – consumers not only in Ukraine and abroad, but also for our employees and their families.


Therefore, we have created and launched an efficient system of material and moral intensives for our employees by offering them not only solid employment with all social guarantees included, which means confidence in one's future, but also consider every employee as an important team member, individuality, who contributes to common success.


We strive to discover the talents of every specialist and give everyone the opportunity for self-fulfilment and promotion, training, knowledge and skills enhancing; do our best so that to inspire people for new achievements, and ensure persistent increase of reward for their efforts. Our product is created by professional team, devoted to what they do, thus bringing concern, cordiality and care.


If you desire to join our team, please, contact the HR department.


Human Resources department LLC "BALEX Company"

Phone/fax: +38 057 732 51 35

e-mail: hdz@yeast.com.ua